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Here you find a sample for a  Renting or Lease Contract.

Please understand, that I will only lease in Germany, based on a German contract and German Law.

The sum of the rent adds up depending how many and how large the paintings are.


Rent a painting of 1 square metre = € 25,- rent per month (= € 300,-p.a.) zzgl. plus Tax. Please not, that your office needs toi be insured in case of damage, theft i.e.

So, if you rent or lease more than one painting, you add up the sizes and multiply with 25.

This would be the monthly rent before tax.

When you decide after renting to buy one, I subtract the already paid rent from the price, of course.

Example for a  Leasing contract

Paintings can be leased over a period of 2 max. 5 years, depending on the value.

Value of  Painting/s

 € 10.000,- : Leasing over a period of 5 years

Monthly rate "Room decor" of € 203,- plus Tax.  After the time of contract, the paintings wil be yours after the payment of  a little left difference .