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Southern African Festival
Nocturnal Thoughts, 1999

combined painting:
bark from palm tree, petals/flametree,
elefenant ear leafs, found moths, soil,
clay, pigments, wire,
thread for sowing.
60 x 90 cm


"Nocturnal Thaughts"deals with the insecurity and fears, that come at night ”nocturnal thaughts”  and nightmares buzzing around the head like moths.

The sculptured head from palm leafs and wire focussed introvertivelywith a mouth wide opened for a silent scream.

The canvas is stretched only on the right side of the canvas  and cannot balance this nightmare. the leafs from an elefant ear plant are dried up, they do not wave funnily in the wind anymore but they are fixed, mumified under a thick layer of pigments - like a memory.


Nocturnal Thoughts, 1999

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