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  Art with ADS-children
Kunst an der School of Dyslexic Children <br>(ADS = Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit-Syndrom)

Art with dyslexic children/ADS

Afternoon lessons at the school of dyslexic children
(ADS = attention deficiency syndrom)

In 1996, some parents from the teenagers asked me to form an art class at the private school of ADS Children. It was my task to use art, bring out their individual creative skills to ease their integration in normal Highschools by the age of 12.
The most important job was to help them concentrating on one thing over a longer period without loosing  courage and ambition.

With little exercises arousing their imagination and associative creativity I tried to motivate them discovering their originality.

Holistic experiences of what they were drawing or painting (i.e. how does it feel, smell, taste) encouraged them not only to master the formal drawing tasks on shading, coulour, observation and composition. They were creating couragous works, unusual solutions with enormous imagination and self esteem.

This one year with the 8 10-year old boys and girls was very exiting for me, because I never worked with hyperactive children before.

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