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  Art with orphins/Children´s Home

Charity: Art with the Childrens Home

1997/1998 I was teaching at Churchill Boys Highschool. The Harare Childrens Home for boys up to 12 and girls up to 18 years was just around the corner.

Many of these children lost their parents due to AIDS, they were dumped and found or sometimes brought, because they could not care for them any longer. Over 1 1/2 years, Everey friday afternoon, I picked up 8-9 children between 7 and 11 years to do some art in my classroom.

The need of un shared attention and recognition was the biggest challenge for me to face. On the other hand, the cildren knew eacj other very well and developed great ideas together. With selfmade masks, we even  organised a littlre prcession though the school.

Many exercises were dealing with colour, form, shape and pattern to foster their skills. In the end, we designed a T-Shirt, that was produced and printed in Harare due to many donations from friends, collegues even peaple I didn´t even know.

The t-Sirt was displaced in a few clothing and tourist shops in Harare. Half of the sales went back to the Childrens Home.

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