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Rudo I

4-parts, mixed media
acrylics, african soil, maize leafs, fibres
je 45 x 100 cm

for sale

The single panels are dedicated to:
(1) Rita Chabuka (appr. 55 years old), maid and single mother.
(2) (2) Rebecca Muparudza (37 years old), mother and full-time worker in the administration of a travel company who tries to live african traditions with western religion and modern life.
(3)  Nonhlanhla Mpofu (39 years old), studied sports management and business, emigrated to South Africa, single without children.
(4) Mai Chinogwenya (died of AIDS 1998, age 32), Head of Geography Dep./Highschool said: „When the african woman marries, she´ll get her death certificate with it“.

Rudo ist shona, ein populärer Mädchenvorname und bedeutet "Liebe".



Rudo I, 2004

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